API v2.x

resetSecurity #

Asynchronously deletes all users, profiles and roles. Then resets anonymous, default and admin profiles and roles to default values, specified in Kuzzle configuration files.

Query Syntax #


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URL: http://kuzzle:7512/admin/_resetSecurity
Method: POST

Other protocols #

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  "controller": "admin",
  "action": "resetSecurity"

Response #

Returns a confirmation that the command is being executed.

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  "requestId": "d16d5e8c-464a-4589-938f-fd84f46080b9",
  "status": 200,
  "error": null,
  "controller": "admin",
  "action": "resetSecurity",
  "collection": null,
  "index": null,
  "result": { "deletedUsers": 5, "deletedProfiles": 2, "deletedRoles": 1 },
  "room": "4f9f6301-b2f8-4d13-b227-1598310f4750"