Guides v2.x

execute #

Executes a Kuzzle's API action.

The execute function main usage is to forward users API requests to Kuzzle.

Arguments #

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execute(request, [callback]);

Arguments Type Description
Standardized API request
Callback receiving the response

Return #

The execute function resolves to a serialized Kuzzle response JSON object.

This resulting object contains the following properties:

  • raw (boolean, default false): if false, the response content is a JSON object following the Kuzzle standard response format. Otherwise, the content can be anything, depending on the executed API action.
  • status (integer, default 200): request status, following the standard HTTP status codes
  • requestId (string, nullable): request identifier set by clients, and used to link asynchronous responses to emitted requests.
  • content: the response itself, this is the payload that should be sent to the requesting client following the implemented protocol format. This property type partly depends on the value of the raw flag (if false, then the content is always a JSON object).
  • headers (JSON object, default {}): custom headers/optional response properties that can be added by the executed API action. Whether the protocol interprets and uses them depends on its nature and implementation.

Example #

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const request = new context.KuzzleRequest({
  controller: 'server',
  action: 'now'

context.accessors.execute(request, result => {
  // Content example for the result object:
  // { 
  //   "raw": false,
  //   "status": 200,
  //   "requestId": "b0eec0b9-f458-4ec8-8aee-b86d7a922290",
  //   "content": { 
  //     "requestId": "b0eec0b9-f458-4ec8-8aee-b86d7a922290",
  //     "status": 200,
  //     "error": null,
  //     "controller": "server",
  //     "action": "now",
  //     "collection": null,
  //     "index": null,
  //     "volatile": null,
  //     "result": { "now": 1564644834036 } 
  //   },
  //   "headers": { 
  //     "content-type": "application/json",
  //     "Accept-Encoding": "gzip,deflate,identity",
  //     "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*",
  //     "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": "GET,POST,PUT,DELETE,OPTIONS,HEAD"
  //   } 
  // }