Guides v2.x

Start Writing a Plugin #

A plugin is a class inheriting from the Plugin class.

This class must:

You can use Kourou to initialize your development environment: kourou app:scaffold.

Then edit the package.json file to move the kuzzle package from the dependencies to the devDependencies.

You must also add kuzzle in the peerDependencies of the package.json.

init method #

The plugin must implement the method init.

This method will receive the configuration of the plugin as well as its context in parameters.

In order to be able to interact with the features of Kuzzle, it is necessary to save the context.

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import { Plugin } from 'kuzzle';

export class MyPlugin extends Plugin {
  async init (config: JSONObject, context: PluginContext) {
    this.config = config;
    this.context = context;

Configuration #

When Kuzzle calls the plugin init method, it passes the plugin's custom configuration to it.

Custom configuration parameters are specified for each plugin in the plugins object of the Kuzzle configuration.

For example:

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  "plugins": {
    "foobar-plugin": {
      "option_1": "option_value",
      "option_2": "option_value"

Plugin loaded from the filesystem #

Deprecated since 2.8.0

Plugins are subdirectories that must be put at the following location: <kuzzle_install_dir>/plugins/enabled.

The recommended way to install a plugin is to put it in plugins/available, and then link it to the plugins/enabled directory.

Node.js modules #

Kuzzle loads plugins as Node.js modules.

This means that a plugin directory must contain either:

  • an index.js file


  • a valid package.json file. If the plugin's entrypoint is not the root index.js file, then the main property must be filled

manifest.json #

Kuzzle needs a few information to make your plugin work properly. These information must be provided in a manifest.json file, in the plugin directory.

The following properties can be defined in this manifest.json file:

  • name (required): plugin unique identifier. Names can only contain letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.
  • kuzzleVersion: a non-empty string describing a semver range, limiting the range of Kuzzle versions supported by this plugin. If not set, a warning is displayed on the console, and Kuzzle assumes that the plugin is only compatible with Kuzzle v2.x