SDK Javascript v7.x

Strong Typing #

The SDK exposes numerous types to help Typescript developer to maintain a safer codebase and prevents obvious errors.

Kuzzle Document (KDocument) #

Available since 7.9.0

The Document controller methods can be used with an explicit type that represents the content of the manipulated document.

Document content must be defined by extending the KDocumentContent interface.

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interface DeviceContent extends KDocumentContent {
  model: string;
  reference: string;
  battery: number;

const device = await sdk.document.get<DeviceContent>('iot', 'devices', 'abeeway-H72K2');

The returned type is KDocument<DeviceContent> and it contains a _source property of type DeviceContent.

By default, a generic document content with only a strongly defined _kuzzle_info property is returned.