SDK Javascript v7.x

Batch Processing #

Available since 7.9.0

Most of the methods of the Document controller have a batch alternative:

  • create => mCreate
  • replace => mReplace
  • createOrReplace => mCreateOrReplace
  • update => mUpdate
  • get => mGet
  • exists => mGet
  • delete => mDelete

Those methods can be used to process batches of documents at once and increase performances.

BatchController #

Although the m* methods offer very good performances when handling documents, they will need a refactor of the code and architecture.

Instead the BatchController provides a consistent way to deal with documents per batch.

It overloads the original DocumentController but methods will be executed in batch at a fixed interval.

The BatchController is usable without modifying the original code, just by replacing the original calls to document.* to batch.*

The BatchController can be used with strong typing like the Document controller.

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const doc = await batch.get<DeviceContent>('nyc-open-data', 'yellow-taxi', 'aschen');


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import { BatchController, Kuzzle, Http } from 'kuzzle';

const sdk = new Kuzzle(new Http('localhost'));

const batch = new BatchController(sdk);

// Same as sdk.document.exists but executed in a batch
const exists = await batch.exists('city', 'galle', 'dana');

if (exists) {
  // Same as sdk.document.update but executed in a batch
  await batch.update('city', 'galle', 'dana', { power: 'off' });
else {
  // Same as sdk.document.create but executed in a batch
  await batch.create('city', 'galle', { power: 'off' }, 'dana');

// Original method
const results = await'city', 'galle', {});

Standard API errors will not be available. Except for the error.

By default, the BatchController send a batch of document every 10ms. This can be configured when instantiating the BatchController through the options.interval constructor parameter.

Depending on your load, you may want to increase the timer interval to execute bigger batch. A bigger interval will also mean more time between two batch and potentialy degraded performances. The default value of 10ms offer a good balance between batch size and maximum delay between two batch and should be suitable for most situations.