SDK Javascript v7.x

Kuzzle #

Inherits from: KuzzleEventEmitter.

The Kuzzle class is the main class of the SDK. Once instantiated, it represents a connection to your Kuzzle server.

It gives access to the different features of the SDKs:

  • access to the available controllers
  • SDK events handling
  • resilience to connection loss
  • network request queue management

Network protocol #

Each instance of the class communicates with the Kuzzle server through a class representing a network protocol implementation.

The following protocols are available in the SDK:

Volatile data #

You can tell the Kuzzle SDK to attach a set of "volatile" data to each request. You can set it as an object contained in the volatile field of the Kuzzle constructor. The response to a request containing volatile data will contain the same data in its volatile field. This can be useful, for example, in real-time notifications for user join/leave notifications to provide additional informations about the client who sent the request.

Note that you can also set volatile data on a per-request basis (on requests that accept a volatile field in their options argument). In this case, per-request volatile data will be merged with the global volatile object set in the constructor. Per-request fields will override global ones.