SDK Javascript v7.x

Debugging #

The SDK internal behavior can be observed for debugging purposes.

Events listening #

The SDK emits internal events, the complete list is available here: Events.

You can listen to every event and print payload contents with the following snippet:

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for (const event of {
  kuzzle.on(event, (...args) =>  console.log(event, ...args));
Available since 7.8.3

You can print every request sent to Kuzzle and every response sent back to the SDK by activating the debug mode.

In Node.js, the DEBUG environment variable should contain the kuzzle-sdk string.

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export DEBUG=kuzzle-sdk

# Run your program

In the Browser, you can:

  • add the debugKuzzleSdk search param in the URL. (e.g.<path>?debugKuzzleSdk)
  • set the window.debugKuzzleSdk variable to true