SDK Javascript v6.x

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Http #

The Http protocol can be used by an instance of the SDK to communicate with your Kuzzle server.

This protocol does not allow to use the real-time notifications.

If you need real-time features, then you have to use either WebSocket or SocketIO protocols.

About HTTP routing #

Available since 6.2.0

This protocol needs to build routes from the name of the controller and the action used. These routes are made available by Kuzzle via the server:publicApi method or the server:info method.

Available since Kuzzle 1.9.0

For confidentiality reasons, it is preferable to expose only the server:publicApi route to the anonymous user.
If this route is not available, the SDK will use the static definition of API routes that does not include routes developed in plugins.

Finally, it is also possible to manually define the routes to the actions of its plugins using the customRoutes option with the Http protocol constructor.