SDK Javascript v6.x

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srandmember #

Returns one or more members of a set of unique values, at random.

[Redis documentation]

Arguments #

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srandmember(key, [options]);

Arguments Type Description
key string Set key
options object Optional query arguments

options #

The options arguments can contain the following option properties:

Property Type (default) Description
count integer (1) If positive, returns count elements at random from the set, without repetition.
If negative, returns abs(count) elements, and the same element can be chosen multiple times
queuable boolean (true) If true, queues the request during downtime, until connected to Kuzzle again

Resolve #

Usage #

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try {
  await'setfoo', ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f']);
  // Prints one of the elements of setfoo, at random
  // Prints three elements of setfoo, at random
  console.log(await'setfoo', {count: 3}));
} catch (error) {