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Deletes multiple documents.

Throws a partial error (error code 206) if one or more document deletions fail.

The optional parameter refresh can be used with the value wait_for in order to wait for the document indexation (indexed documents are available for search).

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mDelete(index, collection, ids, [options]);
Argument Type Description
index string Index name
collection string Collection name
ids array<string> IDs of the documents to delete
options object Query options


Additional query options

Options Type
queuable boolean
If true, queues the request during downtime, until connected to Kuzzle again
refresh string
If set to wait_for, waits for the change to be reflected for search (up to 1s)


Resolves to an array of objects representing the deleted documents.


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try {
  await kuzzle.document.create('nyc-open-data', 'yellow-taxi', {}, 'some-id');
  await kuzzle.document.create('nyc-open-data', 'yellow-taxi', {}, 'some-other-id');
  const deleted = await kuzzle.document.mDelete(
    ['some-id', 'some-other-id']
  console.log(`Successfully deleted ${deleted.length} documents`);
} catch (error) {