SDK Javascript v6.x

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mDelete #

Deletes multiple documents.

Throws a partial error (error code 206) if one or more document deletions fail.

The optional parameter refresh can be used with the value wait_for in order to wait for the document indexation (indexed documents are available for search).

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mDelete(index, collection, ids, [options]);
Argument Type Description
index string Index name
collection string Collection name
ids array<string> IDs of the documents to delete
options object Query options

Options #

Additional query options

Options Type
queuable boolean
If true, queues the request during downtime, until connected to Kuzzle again
refresh string
If set to wait_for, waits for the change to be reflected for search (up to 1s)

Resolves #

Resolves to an array of objects representing the deleted documents.

Usage #

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try {
  await kuzzle.document.create('nyc-open-data', 'yellow-taxi', {}, 'some-id');
  await kuzzle.document.create('nyc-open-data', 'yellow-taxi', {}, 'some-other-id');
  const deleted = await kuzzle.document.mDelete(
    ['some-id', 'some-other-id']
  console.log(`Successfully deleted ${deleted.length} documents`);
} catch (error) {