SDK Javascript v6.x

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Import #

Create, update or delete large amount of documents as fast as possible.

This route is faster than the document:m* routes family (e.g. document:mCreate), but no real-time notifications will be generated, even if some of the documents in the import match subscription filters.

If some documents actions fail, the client will receive a PartialError error.

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import (bulkData, [options])

Arguments Type Description
List of documents to be added to the collection
Query options

bulkData #

This API takes a JSON array containing a list of objects working in pairs. In each pair, the first object specifies the action to perform (the most common is create) and the second specifies the document itself, like in the example below:

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  // The action object
  { create: { _id: 'id', _index: 'index', _type: 'collection' } },
  // The document object
  { myField: 'myValue', myOtherField: 'myOtherValue' },
  // Another action object
  { create: { _id: 'another-id', _index: 'index', _type: 'collection' } },
  // Another document object
  { myField: 'anotherValue', myOtherField: 'yetAnotherValue' }

Note that the action object always has an attribute whose key specifies the action to take and whose value is an object specifying the location of ano object in the database (the _index, _type and _id tuple). Also note that, in Elasticsearch, the field _type correspond to collection in Kuzzle.

Possible actions are create, index, update, delete.

Learn more at Elasticsearch Bulk API

options #

Additional query options

Property Type

If true, queues the request during downtime, until connected to Kuzzle again

Resolves #

An object containing information about the import status for each document.

Property Type Description
true if there is some errors with the import
Array of object containing document import statuses

Each object has the following structure:

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  "<action>": {
    _id: "another-id",
    status: 201

Usage #

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const bulkData = [
  { create: { _id: '1', _index: 'nyc-open-data', _type: 'yellow-taxi' } },
  { a: 'document', with: 'any', number: 'of fields' },
  { create: { _id: '2', _index: 'nyc-open-data', _type: 'yellow-taxi' } },
  { another: 'document' },
  { create: { _id: '3', _index: 'nyc-open-data', _type: 'yellow-taxi' } },
  { and: { another: 'one' } }
try {
  const response = await kuzzle.bulk.import(bulkData);
    { errors: false,
      [ {
        create: {
          _id: "uniq-id-1",
          status: 201
          create: {
            _id: "uniq-id-2",
            status: 201
          create: {
            _id: "uniq-id-3",
            status: 206
        } ] }
  const successfulImport = response.items.filter(item => item.create.status === 201);
  console.log(`Successfully imported ${successfulImport.length} documents`);
} catch (error) {