SDK PHP v3.x

# decrby

Decrements the number stored at key by a provided integer value. If the key does not exist, it is set to 0 before performing the operation.

[Redis documentation]

# decrby(key, value, [options], [callback])

Arguments Type Description
key string Key identifier
value int Decrement value
options JSON Object Optional parameters
callback function Callback

# Options

Option Type Description Default
queuable boolean Make this request queuable or not true

# Return Value

Returns the MemoryStorage object to allow chaining.

# Callback Response

Returns an integer containing the updated key value.

# Usage

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use \Kuzzle\Kuzzle;
$kuzzle = new Kuzzle('localhost');
try {
  $value = $kuzzle->memoryStorage()->decrby('key', 42);
catch (ErrorException $e) {

Callback response:

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