Callback response if the token is valid:

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  "expiresAt": 1454588077399,
  "valid": true

Callback response if the token is invalid:

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  "valid": false,
  "state": "<invalidity reason>"

Checks the validity of a JSON Web Token.

This method is non-queuable, meaning that during offline mode, it will be discarded and the callback return an error.

checkToken(token, callback)

Arguments Type Description
token string The token to check
callback function Callback handling the response

Note: this method sends an unauthenticated API call to Kuzzle, meaning it ignores the JWT Token property, even if it has been set.

Callback Response

Returns a JSON object with a valid boolean property.
If the token is valid, an expiresAt property is set with the expiration timestamp. If not, a state property is set explaining why the token is invalid.


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$result = $kuzzle->checkToken('some jwt token');

$result = [
  'expiresAt' => 1468257834099, //timestamp in milliseconds
  'valid' => true