SDK PHP v3.x

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scroll #

Returns a SearchResult object containing the next page of the scroll session, and the scrollId to be used in the next scroll action. A scroll session is always initiated by a search action and including the scroll argument; more information below.

There is a small delay between the time a document is created and its availability in our search layer (usually a couple of seconds). That means that a document that was just created might not be returned immediately by this function.

To get more information about scroll sessions, please refer to the API reference documentation.

scroll(scrollId, [options], callback) #

Arguments Type Description
scrollId string The "scrollId" provided with the last scroll response or from the initial search request if it is the first scroll call
options JSON object Optional parameters
callback function Callback handling the response

Options #

Option Type Description Default
queuable boolean Make this request queuable or not true
scroll string Re-initializes the scroll session timeout to its value. If not defined, the scroll timeout is defaulted to a Kuzzle configuration undefined

Callback Response #

Returns an instantiated SearchResult object.

Usage #

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use \Kuzzle\Kuzzle;
use \Kuzzle\Document;
use \Kuzzle\Util\SearchResult;
$kuzzle = new Kuzzle('localhost');
$dataCollection = $kuzzle->collection('collection', 'index');
try {
  $searchResult = $dataCollection->scroll($scrollId, ['scroll' => '1m']);
  // $searchResult instanceof SearchResult
  foreach($searchResult->getDocuments() as $document) {
    // $document instanceof Document
  // return an array representing the aggregations response
catch (ErrorException $e) {