SDK Java v3.x

This SDK is deprecated. We recommend to use the Kuzzle SDK-JVM.
A migration guide is available here

WebSocketOptions #

This class represents the options usable with the Kuzzle class.

It can be used with the following methods:

Constructor #

This class has a constructor and a constructor by copy.

Getters and setters #

port #

The port to use to connect.

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public int getPort();
public WebSocketOptions setPort(int port)

ssl #

If we use SSL connection.

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public boolean getSsl()
public WebSocketOptions setSsl(boolean ssl)

connectionTimeout #

The duration before the connection timeout.

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public int getConnectionTimeout()
public WebSocketOptions setConnectionTimeout(int connectionTimeout)

autoReconnect #

If the websocket auto reconnects.

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public boolean getAutoReconnect()
public WebSocketOptions setAutoReconnect(boolean autoReconnect)

reconnectionDelay #

Time between each reconnection attempt.

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public long getReconnectionDelay();
public WebSocketOptions setReconnectionDelay(long reconnectionDelay);

reconnectionRetries #

Number of attempts to try and reconnect. -1 for infinite attempts until the connection is established again.

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public long getReconnectionRetries();
public WebSocketOptions setReconnectionRetries(long reconnectionRetries);