SDK Java v3.x

This SDK is deprecated. We recommend to use the Kuzzle SDK-JVM.
A migration guide is available here

refresh #

When writing or deleting documents in Kuzzle, it can take up to 1 second for search indexes to be updated, making the changes available in search results.

This API route forces an immediate refresh of search indexes.

A refresh operation comes with some performance costs.

From the Elasticsearch documentation:

"While a refresh is much lighter than a commit, it still has a performance cost. A manual refresh can be useful when writing tests, but don’t do a manual refresh every time you index a document in production; it will hurt your performance. Instead, your application needs to be aware of the near real-time nature of Elasticsearch and make allowances for it."

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public CompletableFuture<Void> refresh(
      final String index,
      final String collection) throws NotConnectedException, InternalException

Returns #

Returns a CompletableFuture<Void>.

Usage #

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  .refresh("nyc-open-data", "yellow-taxi")