SDK Java v3.x

This SDK is deprecated. We recommend to use the Kuzzle SDK-JVM.
A migration guide is available here

DeleteMyCredentials #

Deletes the current user's credentials for the specified strategy. If the credentials that generated the current authentication token are removed, the user will remain logged in until they log out or until their session expires. After that they will no longer be able to log in with the deleted credentials.

Arguments #

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public CompletableFuture<Void> deleteMyCredentials(final String strategy)
  throws NotConnectedException, InternalException
Argument Type Description
Strategy to use

Usage #

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ConcurrentHashMap<String, Object> credentials = new ConcurrentHashMap<>();
credentials.put("username", "foo");
credentials.put("password", "bar");
ConcurrentHashMap<String, Object> response = kuzzle.getAuthController().login("local", credentials).get();