Users & Authentication

Creating Users

Once we have created security roles and profiles, we can go on to create the users that will access the Kuzzle.

Users can be created by either using the Kuzzle Admin Console, the API, or the SDK.

When creating a user, you will need to assign them one or more profiles.

Additionally, you can set:

  • User credentials: If no credentials are provided, then the user cannot login
  • Any number of properties that you want to store in your user object, such as a lastname or a list of hobbies. These properties are stored at the user level and are not linked to any particular authentication strategy.

Let's create a user with username jondoe and password letmein through the API:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "content": { "profileIds": ["default"], "name": "John Doe" }, "credentials": { "local": { "username": "jondoe", "password": "letmein" } } }' http://localhost:7512/users/_create

You should get the following response:

  "requestId": "<random unique request id>",