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Code Example: Real-Time Pub/Sub #

Kuzzle comes equipped with real-time pub/sub capabilities that can be used to send targeted notifications to client applications.

In this code example we will show you how pub/sub works with Kuzzle.

Configure Kuzzle #

First let's make sure Kuzzle is running and create the index and collection we will use to store documents. Follow these instructions.

Create Your App #

Now that we have our Kuzzle configured, we can start programming our App. Here is an outline of what the App will do:

  1. Connect to Kuzzle
  2. Subscribe to documents with specific criteria that Kuzzle will monitor
  3. Publish a document that will trigger the notification

Before we get started on the App, there are a few basics you need to know:

  • Firstly, a subscription is done at the collection level. This means that Kuzzle will only monitor changes to documents in the specified collection.

  • Secondly, unlike typical pub/sub solutions, there is no need to create a topic first. In Kuzzle, the topic is replaced by a document filter which is sent by the Client when it makes a subscription request. Clients can subscribe using the same document filter, effectively simulating a topic. For more information about subscriptions click here