Code Example: Geofencing

Kuzzle has real-time geofencing capabilities that can detect changes in incoming geospatial data and trigger notifications based on activity relative to a designated perimeter. For example, a device can track a user's location and send this data to Kuzzle, which will detect when the user is near a store and send them special offers specific to that store.

In this code example we will show you how geofencing works with Kuzzle.

Configure Kuzzle

First let's make sure Kuzzle is running and create the index and collection we will use to store documents. Follow these instructions.

Create Your App

Now that we have our Kuzzle configured, we can start programming our App. Here is an outline of what the App will do:

  1. Connect to Kuzzle
  2. Subscribe to a geographical boundary that Kuzzle will monitor
  3. Place a user inside the geographical boundary by creating a location document
  4. Place the user outside the geographical boundary by updating the location document

Before we get started on the App, there are a few basics you need to know:

  • Firstly, Kuzzle subscription mechanism works by monitoring changes in documents sent through the API. A subscriber will tell Kuzzle what changes to look out for and will receive a message whenever Kuzzle detects such a change in a request. So an App that wants to receive a message from Kuzzle whenever a user leaves a geographical boundary will receive that message as a result of Kuzzle detecting a change in a document that represents the user's location. We can do this by sending a document to Kuzzle which contains a location field.

  • Secondly, in order for Kuzzle to detect that a user leaves a geographical boundary, it must first detect that the user has entered the geographical boundary. This means that we need to create a document that contains a location field where the geopoint is inside the boundary prior to updating that document and setting the location field to a geopoint outside the boundary.

  • Thirdly, a subscription is done at the collection level. This means that Kuzzle will only monitor changes to documents in the specified collection.