Installing Kuzzle Admin Console

The Kuzzle Admin Console is a web application that lets you manage Kuzzle, including data, real-time notifications and security.

If you don't want to install Kuzzle Admin Console yourself you can use our publicly hosted Kuzzle Admin Console. Otherwise, grab the source code here and install it on your own environment.

In both cases the configuration is the same and you'll be able to select which Kuzzle installation that you want to manage.

Connect to Kuzzle

The Kuzzle Admin Console automatically searches for Kuzzle on localhost:7512 and will be prompt you to introduce your own host and port if it is not detected.

At any time, you can reconfigure Kuzzle Admin Console to connect to any Kuzzle installation by clicking on the "Choose Environment" dropdown menu and then selecting "Create new". This feature allows you to manage multiple Kuzzle installations on a single Kuzzle Admin Console.

Kuzzle Admin Console is trying to connect to Kuzzle

To create a connection to Kuzzle, provide its name (e.g. "Development" or "My First Kuzzle"), address (or hostname) and port. Optionally, select a color to identify the connection (e.g. red could be used to identify production environments).

Create an Admin Account

At this point Kuzzle is not secure and any anonymous user has full access. The Kuzzle Admin Console configurator will automatically request that an Admin Account be created. For the purpose of this tutorial, leave the reset default and anonymous rights unchecked, as we will use the anonymous account in the next steps.

Kuzzle Admin Console requests that an admin account be created

Once the Admin Account credentials have been created, use them to login.