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subscribe #

Subscribes to this collection with a set of filters.

The provided callback will be called everytime a notification is received from Kuzzle.

subscribe(filters, [options], callback) #

Arguments Type Description
filters JSON Object Koncorde Filters
options object (Optional) Subscription configuration. Passed to the Room constructor.
callback function Callback to call every time a notification is received on this subscription

Options #

Option Type Description Default
volatile JSON Object Additional information passed to notifications to other users null
scope string Filter document notifications depending on their scope status. You may receive entering documents (scope: in), leaving documents (scope: out), all documents changes (scope: all) or filter these notifications completely (scope: none). This filter does not affect pub/sub messages or user events. all
state string Filter document notifications depending on the state of the modifying request. You may receive real-time notifications when a document is about to be changed (state: pending), or be notified when the change has been fully written in the database (state: done), or both (state: all). This filter does not affect pub/sub messages or user events. done
subscribeToSelf boolean (Don't) subscribe to notifications fired as a consequence of our own queries true
users string Filter notifications fired upon a user entering the room (user: in), leaving the room (user: out), or both (user: all). Setting this variable to none prevents receiving these notifications none

The options object is directly passed to the Room constructor. See the Room object documentation for more information about these options and notifications.

Return Value #

Returns an object exposing the following method: onDone(callback)

The callback argument is called when the subscription ends, either successfully or with an error.

Usage #

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  .collection('collection', 'index')
  .subscribe({equals: {title: 'foo'}}, function (error, result) {
    // called each time a new notification on this filter is received
    // check the Room/Notifications section of this documentation
    // to get notification examples
  .onDone(function (err, roomObject) {
    // Handles the subscription result. Can be chained.