SDK Java v2.x

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createMyCredentials #

Create the current user's credentials for the specified strategy. The credentials required will depend on the authentication plugin and strategy.

createMyCredentials(strategy, credentials, [options], [callback]) #

Arguments Type Description
strategy string Strategy you want to create credentials for
credentials JSON object The credentials
options JSON object Optional parameters
callback function Optional callback handling the response

Options #

Option Type Description Default
queuable boolean Make this request queuable or not true

Callback Response #

Returns an object with the created credentials.

Usage #

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JSONObject credentials = new JSONObject().put("username", "bar");
kuzzle.createMyCredentials("local", credentials, new ResponseListener<JSONObject>() {
  public void onSuccess(JSONObject result) {
    // result var contains the new credentials and the kuid of the user
  public void onError(JSONObject error) {
    // Handle error