SDK Golang v1.x

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GetAllStats #

Gets all stored internal statistic snapshots. By default, snapshots are made every 10 seconds and they are stored for 1 hour.

These statistics include:

  • the number of connected users per protocol (not available for all protocols)
  • the number of ongoing requests
  • the number of completed requests since the last frame
  • the number of failed requests since the last frame

Arguments #

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func (s *Server) GetAllStats(options types.QueryOptions) (json.RawMessage, error)
Arguments Type Description
An object containing query options.

Options #

Additional query options

Option Type Description Default
If true, queues the request during downtime, until connected to Kuzzle again true

Return #

Returns all stored internal statistic snapshots as a json.RawMessage or a KuzzleError. See how to handle error.

Usage #

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as, err := kuzzle.Server.GetAllStats(nil)
if err != nil {
} else {
  fmt.Println("All Kuzzle Stats as JSON string:", string(as))