SDK Jvm v1.x

search #

Searches document.

There is a limit to how many documents can be returned by a single search query. That limit is by default set at 10000 documents, and you can't get over it even with the from and size pagination options.

When processing a large number of documents (i.e. more than 1000), it is advised to paginate the results using rather than increasing the size parameter.

When using a cursor with the scroll option, Elasticsearch has to duplicate the transaction log to keep the same result during the entire scroll session.
It can lead to memory leaks if a scroll duration too great is provided, or if too many scroll sessions are open simultaneously.

Available since Kuzzle 2.2.0

You can restrict the scroll session maximum duration under the configuration key.

Available since 1.1.0

This method also supports the Koncorde Filters DSL to match documents by passing the lang argument with the value koncorde.
Koncorde filters will be translated into an Elasticsearch query.

Koncorde bool operator and regexp clauses are not supported for search queries.