Write Protocols v1.x

You are currently looking at the documentation of a previous version of Kuzzle. We strongly recommend that you use the latest version. You can also use the version selector in the top menu.

WebSocket #

Configuration #

The protocol can be configured via the kuzzlerc configuration file, under the server > protocols > websocket section.

Option Type Description Default
Enable/Disable WebSocket protocol support true
The time, in milliseconds, between the server's PING requests. Setting this value to 0 disables PING/PONG requests entirely. 60000

Configure listening port #

HTTP, WebSocket and Socket.IO protocols share the same underlying server instance. Modifying the listening port will impact all these three protocols.

By default, Kuzzle listens to the 7512 port.

The port can be modified under the server > port section of Kuzzle configuration.