The Plugin Context

The plugin context is an object containing a set of constructors, accessors and configurations, allowing plugins to interact with Kuzzle.

The plugin context object is passed to the plugin's init function by Kuzzle when it loads the plugin.
Each plugin will receive its own plugin context instance.

Here is the list of shared objects contained in the context:

Attribute path Purpose
context.accessors.execute Access to Kuzzle's API.
context.accessors.trigger Trigger a custom event. Initiate and configure to the plugin storage. This storage can only be accessed by the plugin and can be used to persist plugin datas.
context.accessors.validation Access to validation mechanisms, useful to validate documents and add field types.
context.config Contains the entire Kuzzle instance configuration (most of it coming from Kuzzle configuration file)
context.constructors.Dsl Constructor allowing plugins to instantiate their own Kuzzle real-time engine instance
context.constructors.Repository Constructor allowing plugins to instantiate their Repositories allowing them to interact with their plugin storage
context.constructors.Request Constructor for standardized requests sent to Kuzzle
context.constructors.BaseValidationType Constructor for the Validation Type base constructor
context.errors.<ErrorConstructor> Kuzzle error constructors, built dynamically from available Kuzzle error objects at runtime
context.log.<level>(message) Provides methods to log messages depending on their priority level