Matching array values

A few keywords, like exists or missing, allow searching for array values.

These values can be accessed with the following syntax: <array path>[<value>]
Only one array value per exists/missing keyword can be searched in this manner.

Array values must be scalars: strings, numbers, booleans or the null value.

The array value must be provided using the JSON format:

  • Strings: the value must be enclosed in double quotes. Example: foo["string value"]
  • Numbers, booleans and null must be used as is. Examples: foo[3.14], foo[false], foo[null]

Array values can be combined with nested properties: nested.array["value"]


Given the following document:

    "name": {
        "first": "Grace",
        "last": "Hopper",
        "hobbies": ["compiler", "COBOL"]

Here is a filter, testing whether the value compiler is listed in the array hobbies:

    "exists": 'name.hobbies["compiler"]'