Write Plugins v2.x

# kerror

When creating a Kuzzle plugin, custom API errors can be defined and thrown, using the kerror error getter.

Custom errors have to be specified in the manifest.json, in an errors field.


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  "name": "<plugin name>",
  "kuzzleVersion": ">=2.0.0 <3.0.0",
  "errors": {
    "some_error": {
      "code": 1,
      "message": "An error occurred: %s",
      "class": "BadRequestError"
    "some_other_error": {
      "code": 2,
      "message": "An other error occurred: %s",
      "class": "ForbiddenError"

The kerror accessor exposes 2 functions:

  • get(errorId, ...placeholders): returns the corresponding error
  • getFrom(error, errorId, ...placeholders): returns the corresponding error with its stacktrace taken from the provided error argument

Note that the domain is plugins, meaning that its code is fixed to 04 and cannot be changed. By default, the subdomain code for plugins is set to 0. A subdomain can be defined for a plugin in its configuration section in the kuzzlerc file.

Example, for a plugin name foobar-plugin:

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  "plugins": {
    "foobar-plugin": {
      "option_1": "option_value",
      "option_2": "option_value",
      "_pluginCode": 42

# Example

Taking the configuration example above, if an error is thrown like this:

throw context.kerror.get('some_error', 'request badly formatted');

Then when triggered on an API request, Kuzzle will respond to the querying user with a BadRequestError error, with the following properties:

  • message : An error occured: request badly formatted
  • id : plugin.foobar-plugin.some_error
  • code : 0x04020033