Kourou - Command Line Interface (CLI)

A Command line interface is available for Kuzzle as a separate NPM package.

This CLI connects to the Kuzzle API and allows you to perform tasks like:

  • Manage API keys
  • Add secrets to the vault
  • Export and import collections
  • Execute raw query
  • ...

The old Kuzzle CLI has been deprecated but the package is still available on NPM: https://github.com/kuzzleio/kuzzle-cli/


To install the CLI globally, you can use the following command: npm install -g kourou

Connect and authenticate to Kuzzle API

Commands that need to send requests to the Kuzzle API can specify the Kuzzle server address and authentication informations.

By command line:

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  -h, --host=host                [default: localhost] Kuzzle server host
  -p, --port=port                [default: 7512] Kuzzle server port
  --username=username            [default: anonymous] Kuzzle user
  --password=password            Kuzzle user password
  --ssl                          [default: true for port 443] Use SSL to connect to Kuzzle

By environment variables:

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  KUZZLE_HOST                [default: localhost] Kuzzle server host
  KUZZLE_PORT                [default: 7512] Kuzzle server port
  KUZZLE_USERNAME            [default: anonymous] Kuzzle user
  KUZZLE_PASSWORD            Kuzzle user password
  KUZZLE_SSL                 Use SSL to connect to Kuzzle

Available commands

Kourou is still in beta and breaking changes may occur until the 1.0.0 version is released.

See the complete documentation on Github: https://github.com/kuzzleio/kourou/