Kuzzle Response

A response is the result of a query you send to Kuzzle. It may be the result of a search query, an acknowledgement to a create action, etc... When you subscribe to a room, Kuzzle also sends a notification to your application in the form of a response object.

A response is a JSON object with following format:

  // Integer containing the status code (HTTP-like: 200 if OK, 4xx or 5xx in case of error)
  "status": 200,

  // Complex object containing error information, if something went wrong (null if OK)
  "error": {...},

  // Some information about the initial request
  "index": "<index>",
  "collection": "<collection>",
  "controller": "<controller>",
  "action": "<action>",

  // Arbitrary data repeated from the initial request (optional).
  "volatile": { foo: "bar" },

  // Your query unique identifier.
  "requestId": "<unique request identifier>",

  // Complex object, depending on your query
  "result": {

NB: For more details about status code and error object, see status-codes.md