// Using callbacks (NodeJS or Web Browser)
kuzzle.memoryStorage.georadiusbymember('key', 'Palermo', 200, 'km', function (err, points) {
  // callback called once the action has completed

// Using promises (NodeJS only)
kuzzle.memoryStorage.georadiusbymemberPromise('key', 'Palermo', 200, 'km')
  .then(points => {
    // resolved once the action has completed
kuzzle.memoryStorage.georadiusbymember("key", "Palermo", 200, "km", new ResponseListener<JSONObject[]>() {
  public void onSuccess(JSONObject[] points) {
    // callback called once the action has completed

  public void onError(JSONObject error) {

use \Kuzzle\Kuzzle;

$kuzzle = new Kuzzle('localhost');

try {
  $points = $kuzzle->memoryStorage()->georadiusbymember('key', 'Palermo', 200, 'km');
catch (ErrorException $e) {


Callback response:

  {"name": "Palermo"},
  {"name": "Catania"}

Callback response, with the "withcoord" option:

  {"name": "Palermo", "coordinates": [13.361389338970184, 38.1155563954963]},
  {"name": "Catania", "coordinates": [15.087267458438873, 37.50266842333162]}

Callback response, with the "withdist" option:

  {"name": "Palermo", "distance": 190.4424},
  {"name": "Catania", "distance": 56.4413}

Returns the members (added with geoadd) of a given key inside the provided geospatial radius, centered around one of a key's member.

[Redis documentation]

georadiusbymember(key, member, distance, unit, [options], callback)

keystringKey identifier
memberstringName of the point to use as the center of the radius
distancedoubleMaximum distance from the center
unitstringDistance unit
optionsJSON ObjectOptional parameters


countintLimit the result set to count membersnull
queuablebooleanMark this request as (not) queuabletrue
sortstringReturn items from the nearest to the farthest to the center (ASC) or vice versa (DESC)null
withcoordbooleanAlso return the longitude and latitude coordinates of the matching itemsfalse
withdistbooleanAlso return the distance of the returned items from the specified center, in the same unit than the one provided with unitfalse

Callback response

Resolves to an array of point names inside the provided radius.