Constructor is not exposed in the JS/Node SDK. You may get the instantiated
 MemoryStorage object by calling Kuzzle.memoryStorage
var memoryStorage = kuzzle.memoryStorage;
// using the static instance
MemoryStorage memoryStorage = kuzzle.memoryStorage;

// or instantiating a new MemoryStorage object
MemoryStorage memoryStorage = new MemoryStorage(kuzzle);

use \Kuzzle\Kuzzle;
use \Kuzzle\MemoryStorage;

$kuzzle = new Kuzzle('localhost');

// using the static instance
$memoryStorage = $kuzzle->memoryStorage();

// or instantiating a new MemoryStorage object
$memoryStorage = new MemoryStorage($kuzzle);

Kuzzle's memory storage is a data store separated from the database layer. It is internally based on Redis, and most of its functions are exposed by Kuzzle.


KuzzleobjectAn instantiated Kuzzle object