Events triggered to synchronize Kuzzle server instances in a cluster.

core:kuzzleStartHookEmitted when Kuzzle is started/
core:hotelClerk:addSubscriptionHookSends a diff containing the filters and internal hotelClerk updatesArray of hcR object
core:hotelClerk:joinHookSends hotelClerk diff when a room is joinedhcR object
core:hotelClerk:removeRoomForCustomerHookSends the room unsubscription information if it changed{connection, roomId}
core:indexCache:addHookTriggered when data is added to Kuzzle's index cache{index, collection}
core:indexCache:removeHookTriggered if some data were actually removed from Kuzzle's index cache{index, collection}
core:indexCache:resetHookTriggered if the indexCache is reset{index}
core:overloadHookTriggered when the overload cache is filling upOverload percentage. Type: Number
core:profileRepository:saveHookTriggered when a profile is created or updated{_id, policies}
core:profileRepository:deleteHookTriggered when a profile is deleted{_id}
core:roleRepository:saveHookTriggered when a role is created or updated{_id, controllers}
core:roleRepository:deleteHookTriggered when a role is deleted{_id}